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Well, I spent the first half of the day reading, and then watching interviews with serial killers - the most traditional way to start new years eve of course..! I then got ready and partied it up with the family! WOO! All joking aside, big parties, getting “hammered” and the sort has never appealed to me and never will. I’m more of a “get-together” person, meeting up for breakfast, going out for dinner, cinema, picnic, sleepover, that kind of stuff person. Although I avoid them altogether if there’s people I don’t like going. I don’t get that.. Why do people meet up with people they don’t like? I’d feel false doing that. Oh well..

Back to the “party”, we won who wants to be a millionaire in boys versus girls. I never realized how much general knowledge my noggin soaked up over the 347 years I’ve been alive. Funny thing!

We then spent the rest of the night eating, talking, and doing the final countdown of course. And then it was over. How “anti-climatical”. 

Oh I also got a very drunken call from a friend in the Netherlands. That was odd.


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So my blog a day begins today, and what a day to start! We had a power cut at 5 am last night which prompted me to finally get some sleep. Waking up to find out there has been a serious cable fault was not the greatest way to start the day, but I dragged myself out of bed nonetheless. The next few hours consisted of making as much use of daylight as possible by doing next to nothing, getting sleepy and falling back to sleep whilst reading Karl Pilkington’s “Happy Slapped by a Jellyfish”..

I honestly thought I had died when I woke up. It was pitch black and there was a haunting silence matched with freezing temperatures. Trawling downstairs I found my parents huddled up asleep in blankets. Lazy blights sleeping at this time of the day! Some people!

I then proceeded to work on some revision and practice learning sheet music in my rather atmospheric, candlelit room. I’ve never felt more like a vampire.

After I had finished being lame, I went downstairs to talk with the family. We stayed up till 11 playing random games and talking about how we would sort out the country. Odd bunch we are.

Then as everyone gave up hope and went to bed, I stayed up till 2am when the power went back on! (2:18 am precisely) I HAVE POWER! WHO’S THE LOSER NOW HUH!?

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Testing testing.. 1…2..3..